FREE One Night Special: Journey 2 Ultimate Financial Freedom

Dear Friends,

Financial Freedom is something that most of us, if not all, desire to achieve in our life. Yet, 99% fail in this journey due to the lack of Personal Finance education. We know of friends going into debt due to various "opportunities", only to be left alone, struggling to make ends meet.

Do you know of friends who are struggling financially? Are you yourself looking for a solution to your current financial dreams?

When it comes to financial struggles, trust me, I've been there before. Having to support my family, working odd jobs, investment after investment, opportunity after opportunity, hitting rock bottom time and again, I was done for.

I told myself enough was enough. I sought the right education, structured my experiences, modelled my work and finally, I made it.

Today, I own multiple businesses and achieved Ultimate Financial Freedom that has allowed me to pursue my true passion, coaching and showing you how to achieve the same.

Wouldn't you like to achieve the same?

The Journey 2 Ultimate Financial a Freedom is all about managing your finance. Achieving it requires knowledge in 3 key areas:

1) Psychology
2) Finance
3) Marketing & Business Tools

On this evening, I will be introducing the key elements about good financial strategies and tactics that you can start to create a wealth road map to your financial success.

This includes:

* 5 Step to Financial Freedom.

* How to GET RICH using a proven 6 Habits.

* Understand 3 MUST HAVE traits to Retire Rich and Happy.

* Get to know your MONEY METER.

* How to get Started no matter where are you NOW.

* Know what 6 Great Financial Tools You NEED to make it happen.

* 3 Powerful Financial Tools that uniquely created by Mekanik$

* Money Breading Process that just brings money flowing into your life with ease.


* Money Mind
* Money Compass
* Money X-ray
* Money Magnet
* Money Engine
* Money Highway

All participants will be give the tools that can be use in their financial journey to reach financial independence.

=== DETAILS ===

Date: 19 August 2015
Time: 730pm to 1030pm
Venue: TBC


Working Adults, Business Owners, Self Employed, Investor, Aspiring business owners, Debt Free Life seekers
(It doesn't matter who you are as long you want to become RICH, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL)


First 20 sign-ups: FREE
Thereafter: S$47

=== HOW TO SIGN UP ===

Whatsapp: +6590178884
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Again, this may be the last time I'm conducting this so sign up NOW to learn how you can structure your Journey 2 Ultimate Financial Freedom!

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Wed Aug 19, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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